Recibida Christmas de KCR Team

Dear listeners, we have also arrived at Christmas this year, the seventh in your company. We have not been on the air much in 2021, but in the coming year we expect to be on the air more often with… Leer más ›

Recibida Christmas de KCR Team

Dear friends, this year too the parties have arrived. To all of you listeners and friends our most affectionate wishes for a splendid Christmas and a 2021 full of beautiful things.
Jasmine and «The KCR Team»

Primer Aniversario de KCR

Cari Amici, come molti di voi sapranno, questo mese festeggiamo il primo anno di trasmissioni. Per la verità, il nostro programma di gennaio 2016 è stato ascoltato da pochi agguerriti Dxer, il Massi, infatti, dopo un volo dal tetto, non… Leer más ›

KCRadio hoy en el aire

KCRadio will be on air next saturday 27/08/2016 on the KHz 6920 with the following shedule: UTC: 13’00 to 01’00. (Friday and sunday probably tests). You can listen to beautiful songs from Europe, Asia, Africa and south America. The reception reports… Leer más ›