Concurso de Emisoras Piratas


Pirate Hunt


Friday, April 11, 2014 1200 UTC – Tuesday 21 April 2014 2400 UTC.

Frequencies: Short-and medium wave.

The competition is primarily designed for the Scandinavian countries, but also participants from other countries are welcome. For the Nordic participant, the competition applies as SM and NM, individually and in teams .

SM team competition :

The two best results from each club will be added together .

NM team competition :

The best three results for each country are added together.

Listen to as many pirate stations as possible during the contest period . Send reports to stations heard and count the number of QSL received , either by email or letter.

All logs must be received by NDL at latest May 20, 2014.

Scoring: 1 point for each SW- answer, 2 points for MW answers.

List the result (directly in email or attachment) by:


Email this summary to :

Or mail to:

NDL – Norrköping Distanslyssnare

c /o Claes Olsson

Guldringen 68

SE -603 68 Norrköping

All participants will receive a diploma. Additionally award for the best result in any country, NM and SM- winner and a random price .

Welcome and Good Luck!

Norrköpings Distanslyssnare ( NDL )



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