Shortwave Radiogram, del 31 de Marzo al 3 de Abril: programa 298

In Europe and North America, the moving forward of clocks for summer time is now complete. Check the schedule below, and be sure your conversions from UTC to local time are correct. This weekend’s Shortwave Radiogram includes two images of… Leer más ›

Shortwave Radiogram, del 3/11 al 8/11: programa 277

* with image(s) Please send reception reports to And visit Twitter: @SWRadiogram or (visit during the weekend to see listeners’ results) Facebook group: Shortwave Radiogram Gateway Wiki Shortwave Radiogram Transmission Schedule The Mighty KBC transmits to North America Sundays at 0000-0200… Leer más ›

Shortwave Radiogram, 5-7 de Marzo 2021

Reception was certainly variable last weekend, with successes and difficulties. Typical shortwave. See results at the Twitter account @SWRadiogram, or point your browser to and scroll down. For listeners in Europe, there may be a few more chances to tune in… Leer más ›