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We are in the process of shaking things up here at the GlobalTuners Network!!

We have just released our brand-new website. Our website is now
faster, and makes better use of modern, larger screens.

We have also deployed new technologies in developing our new receiver
interface. The receiver interface will now work with most mobile
devices (Android, iOS). The interface has a simpler, cleaner look and
feel, more user friendly, with optimum functionality. The old
interfaces are still available, but we want to phase these out
eventually. Many other new features and refinements are in the works
for our new interface.

GlobalTuners now offers the option of choosing our premium membership.
With your premium membership you will get access to a website with no
advertisements (faster still!). We will soon add additional features,
which will only be available to premium members. We will be having
some new and returning receiver sites that will only be available to
premium members. With a premium member status, you will be helping
support our site-operators who share their own equipment and
resources, as well as supporting further development of the
GlobalTuners Network. We will be investing in new equipment for some
special locations and sites. Right now we are offering the premium
membership at a special introduction price. However, we wish to stress
that the majority of our receiver sites will remain FREE. So, if you
choose, this is a nice way to help us build a better network, and get
some good perks at the same time. Please take a look at
http://www.globaltuners.com/info/premiummembership for more
information and ordering. Your support is greatly appreciated.

We have more closely integrated the Global Frequency Database
(http://qrg.globaltuners.com), providing station identification in the
receiver interface (the database will be improved over time).

We are actively expanding our receiver selection. We are bringing new
sites and returning some old sites to the network.

We are experimenting with SDR receivers to further expand our network.
We already have some SDR receivers online. With the new SDR receiver
technology, it will be possible for many more receivers to come online
at lower costs in the future.

Recent and upcoming new receiver sites and returning sites include
Goiana (Brazil), Oldenwald (Germany), Breda SDR (The Netherlands), Las
Vegas, Japan, Chesterfield (United Kingsom) as well as Philadelphia.
So, as you can see, GlobalTuners has many exciting changes still
coming. We hope you enjoy your listening time here. GlobalTuners is a
shared receiver site, and our support team endeavors to keep our
network a pleasant place to spend your time. It works best when all
our listeners have mutual respect. We here at GlobalTuners, our site-
operators, listeners, we all are hobbyists with the love of radio.

Keep in touch with GlobalTuners on Facebook as well as Twitter, join
us at https://www.facebook.com/GlobalTuners and

Stay tuned!

Kind regards,

The GlobalTuners team

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