Decodificando VOA Radiogram usando un receptor militar de la era Sovietica

ARZ (Aleksandrov Radio Zavod) R-326

ARZ (Aleksandrov Radio Zavod) R-326

Oscar in Milano, Italy, tuned in VOA Radiogram, program 83, on 1 November 2014, 1600-1630 UTC, 17860 kHz, using a Soviet-era military receiver.

Oscar writes: «Today I have decoded the program … with my latest purchase: a Soviet receiver build in the 1960s called ARZ Aleksandrov Radio Zavod R-326, using the Wellbrook ALA 1530LF active loop beamed NW-SE. SINPO: 45555

It’s microvalves based, with very stable tuning and precise frequency readout. It has no volume control but an RF control that has the same effect, passband filter can be tuned continuously from wide I believe 5kHz down to narrow 0.6 khz, AM reception and CW reception. A kind of wide BFO give possibility to tune also voice transmissions in LSB and USB but from the CW mode.

Frequency range is between 1 and 20 MHz in 6 bands with a mechanical band switch, a 3-position AGC and an internal oscillator for frequency calibration. The frequency reading built into the tuning capacitors is projected with 2 lamps onto an opaque glass where i can read the fine tuning frequency meter.

Two big knobs allow coarse tuning and fine tuning. According to the serial number this device was probably built in 1965.”The audio output is high impedance 600 ohms so before connecting the audio output to the computer I had to build an impedance adapter using a transformer. The speaker on top is already a high impedance speaker.It can be operated with 2.4 heavy duty batteries stored inside the receiver, or with an external power supply this the way I do it, with its original East German-built DC power supply.

Oscar provides this video of his reception and decoding using the R-326:

…as well as these photos:

fuente de la noticia: VOA Radiogram — Decoding VOA Radiogram using a Soviet-era military receiver..

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