Radio Revival Sweden: Planificando la nueva Temporada

Radio Revival Sweden

Radio Revival Sweden

Time to apply for summer frequencies – please let us know which ones you would like!

First of all, we would like to express our thanks to all the broadcasters who have chosen to use our relay facility. Your faith is inspiring and as the time has now come to apply for new frequencies for the period March – October we would appreciate any input from you with regard to what frequencies you would like to use.

A thorough frequency planning is essential for reaching out on SW. If you only have one frequency, you will be very vulnerable to interference from other stations. Therefore, we always apply for several spare frequencies. Sadly, all stations do not follow the registrations they have made and interference may occur even if the channel should be vacant at a specific time. We offer you airtime for €30 per hour on two frequencies (5 kW AM plus 10 kW A3H – carrier plus one sideband) or €20 per hour on one frequency.

As there are today a number of more or less low-powered SW relay stations around in Europe, we feel that we all could benefit from cooperating. Selling airtime on SW is today such a narrow niche that there is actually no big money in it. Apart from government owned stations, most SW relays are operated by radio enthusiasts who believe in the medium.

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