Radio Spaceshuttle will transmit on 9600 kHz on 31 mb Sunday 15th March 2015

Radio Spaceshuttle International

Radio Spaceshuttle International

Dear Listeners,
Radio Spaceshuttle will transmit on 9600 kHz on 31 mb Sunday 15th March 2015
18:00-19:00 UTC.

Full hour with powerful transmitter to omnidirectional antenna.

Reports very welcome! 3 IRC’s 2 Euros for return postage (for full detaild printed QSL)

CONTEST: All listeners sending snailmail reports to our Herten Box will partisipate to
our contest.

1. Reports would be sent from transmissions made between January-June 2015.
2. One report (heart) of every frequency used in every transmission times gives points to listeners. [one point/frequency]
3. Point will be given from every different transmission from 1st of January until 30th June.

Most listening reports sent listeners will win special Radio Spaceshuttle items.
1. Winner- Spaceshuttle-T-Shirt (and something special)
2. Second- Spaceshuttle- Cap (and something special)
3. Spaceshuittle Magnet-sticker, Spaceshuttle stickers, Spaceshuttle-Pen

Frequencies used of Radio Spaceshuttle until now are 6035 kHz, 6070 kHz, 9600 kHz and 9865 kH<.

Please join to our frequencies,


Radio Spaceshuttle International
P.O.Box 2702
NL-6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands


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