Nuevo Scaner de la marca Whistler WS1098

Whistler WS1098 Scanner

Whistler WS1098 Scanner

The Whistler WS1098 Scanner offers amazing capability along with ease of use. The expected frequency coverage is:  25-54, 108-136.99, 137-174, 216-512, 764-781.99, 791-798.99, 806-960 (excluding cellular bands) and 1240-1300 MHz.

This radio comes with a 2GB SD card preloaded with US and Canadian public service frequencies. You may automatically program your scanner by merely entering your zip code or city. It handles analog and digital systems including APCO 25 Phase I & II.

This model also features and illuminated keypad. One extremely interesting feature of this radio is the remoteable head. And it magnetically fastens to the the head bracket! This facilitates vehicle installation and use.

Other feature of this radio include:    Simple menu driven user interface.    Preloaded MicroSD card included.    Easy updating via Internet    APCO P25 Digital Phase I & II    Multi-system analog trunking (Motorola, EDACS and LTR)    CTCSS and DCS subaudible decoder    SAME Weather Alerts    Service search    User upgradable CPU firmware    Spectrum Sweeper    Clock-Calendar    Remoteable Head via supplied 6 foot cable. Additional new features include: • Permits recording by scannable object and saves into a Windows compatible audio file • Clock and calendar function adds date/time info to the recordings • Dedicated SKYWARN®/Weather button allows quick access to frequencies used by storm spotter networks and NOAA weather reports • Features Spectrum Sweeper and a programmable audio and visual alert system Your WS1098 comes with vehicle mounting bracket, magnetic remote control head with 6 foot LAN-type cable, DC cable, AC adapter, SD Card with Software, telescopic BNC antenna, USB computer cable, Quick Start Guide and printed Owner’s Manual. Reminder … the use of scanners (especially in vehicles) is restricted in some localities.

This device has not been approved by the F.C.C. This device may not be offered for sale or lease or be sold or leased until approval of the F.C.C. has been obtained. UPDATED:  09/29/15 Information is preliminary and subject to change.

We will post more technical details and pricing when announced. Delivery is expected late November 2015.

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