Emisiones para el fin de Semana

QSL de Hamburg Lokal Radio

QSL de Hamburg Lokal Radio

R Gloria, HLR and Swedish DX Federation Relays

Saturday HLR:
07.00 to 09.00 UTC, on 7265 KHz
09.00 to 12.00 UTC, on 6190 KHz
12.00 to 16.00 UTC, on 7265 KHz

Updates from the Sala transmitting site:
Our 5 kW rig is now working well again and we will be on the air this Saturday, Dec. 26 as follows:

1100-1200 UTC Radio Nord Revival
1200-1300 UTC Programme from the Swedish DX Federation SDXF; Reports can be sent to
1700-1800 UTC Radio Nord Revival
1800-1900 UTC Programme from the Swedish DX Federation SDXF
Frequencies: 3975 kHz AM 5 kW and 5940 kHz A3H 10 kW
Reception reports can be sent to QSL@sdxf.se or by post to Sveriges DX-Förbund, Box 1097, SE-40523 Göteborg, Sweden.
All reports will be verified by real QSL cards – not eQSLs – just the way Grandad used to do it.

RGI on Sunday:
07.00 to 08.00 UTC, on 9485
08.00 to 09.00 UTC, on 7265
09.00 to 10.00 UTC, on 9485
10.00 to 11.00 UTC, on 7310 via shortwaveservice.com
16.00 to 17.00 UTC, on 6005 via shortwaveservice.com
Internet repeats:
16.00 to 18.00 UTC via Coloradio.org + laut.fm/jukebox
All Reports welcome at: radiogloria@aol.com
Radio Gloria International has a NEW Website: http://rgi.fmkompakt.de

Sunday HLR:
12.00 to 16.00 UTC on 9485 kHz
E-mail: redaktion@hamburger-lokalradio.de Thank you!

Radio Channel 292 Transmission schedules:
http://www.channel292.de/schedule-for-bookings/ New Up-dates!

Radio Mi Amigo Transmission schedules:
http://www.radiomiamigo.es/shortwave New Up-dates!

Good Listening and a Merry Christmas!



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