Radio Mi Amigo Internacional

Radio Mi Amigo International

Radio Mi Amigo International

Hello to all Radio Mi Amigo friends,
As the clock changes again into ‘summertime’ we have again some great news and changes for you.

From April, 7 more new jocks (most with ‘offshore past’) will join our team. More about that and the brandnew Friday schedule with ‘all day’ live-programs in the next regular newsletter within the next 10 days.

One new program will be called ‘Jukebox’ and it will be on Fridays as well as on Saturdays. In that hour we will play your ‘All Time Top 11’ !

So please just send us a playlist of your all time favorates (please make sure that the songs are from the ‘offshore era’, so from 1964 – 1990) and maybe include some remarks why you have choosen those songs (maybe with some personal memories of that time).

Everybody who sends in his ‘Top 11’ will get some Mi Amigo goodies, and every month we will pick one who gets a ‘big price’ also, so please include in your mail your post-adress.

To make sure you can listen to your ‘Top 11’ we will let you know via email at what date and time it will be played.

The email-adress to send it:
This program will start at April, 7, so be quick to get your Top 11 on the air and get some Mi Amigo goodies for free !

From all of us in the team to all of you: Have a great start into the ‘summertime’ with Radio Mi Amigo International.
kind regards
Cpt. Kord and the whole team

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