Últimas informaciones sobre All India Radio

As reported earlier, transmissions of AIR External Services are suspended from 24 March 2020 due to national lockdown. The national lock down in India has been extended to 3rd May 2020.
Hence the External Services of All India Radio is expected to resume transmissions only after that.

Only the following External Service has resumed transmission from 12 April 2020:
Tamil 1115-1215 UTC 7270 kHz via Chennai to Sri Lanka /SE Asia

However new Digital Channel of All India Radio External Service is now available on YouTube as per below :

0600-0630 UTC Hindi Transmission 1   (1130 am to 12.00 pm IST):


0830-0900 UTC Urdu Transmission 1 (2.00 to 2.30 pm IST):


1400-1430 UTC English Transmission 1   (7.30 to 8.00 pm IST):


1435-1505 UTC Hindi Transmission 2   (8.05 pm to 8.35 pm IST):


1515-1545 UTC Urdu Transmission 2 (8.45 to 9.15 pm  IST):


1600-1630 UTC English Transmission 2 (9.30 to 10.30 pm IST):


Tests on External Service transmitters are noted occasionally eg:

594 kHz Chinsurah 1000 kW (Around 1730-1830 UTC)
Bengaluru 500 kW on 6110, 7550 (DRM), 9690, 9865, 9950, 11560, 17510 etc. at various times especially at around 1330-1430 UTC
Delhi 100 kW 9950, 11620

Home Services:

Since the national lock down, programs of all stations of AIR has changed with more emphasis on news including new and extended bulletins. Several stations are noted relaying Vividh Bharati Service (Entertainment Channel) from Mumbai instead of regular programs.

AIR Mumbai is noted now operating continuously at night on MW as follows instead of signing off around midnight:
558 kHz 100 kW  Vividh Bharati channel
1044 kHz 100 kW AIR Live news 24×7 channel

Live streaming of most stations of AIR is available in «Live Radio» in  http://prasarbharati.gov.in/

The updated complete SW service of AIR in Frequency order is available in: http://qsl.net/vu2jos/sw/freq.htm

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio , Hyderabad, India)

Fuente: Latest info on All India Radio



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