FRS-Holland 1980-2020: 40 años en la Onda Corta

On Sunday November 8th FRS-Holland will celebrate 40 years of shortwave broadcasts. Following intensive preparations FRS is ready to offer an attractive programming that day.

This time we hope to surprise you…so we won’t reveal all details as far as the programme content is concerned. Tune in and find out! Of course our history plays an important part.

A hint: the music we play is closely associated to several aspects of FRS’ past 40 years. Listen and enjoy.
To be honest: this won’t be a typical broadcast for a quick listen…there’s so much interesting to listen to next Sunday….sit down behind your SW receiver & make sure you are part of it.

In order to make listening convenient, next Sunday’s broadcast will be aired on different frequencies ánd different times. In addition there will be a number of streams starting a few days
after the shortwave broadcasts. Take a look at our schedule.

There will be a special Anniversary QSL card. Besides: listeners who send in a letter/ report to P.O.Box 2702 in Herten will receive our FRS 40 years Souvenir booklet containing many interesting articles. Please enclose 5 euro to cover P&P. For an extra 5 euro we offer a FRS 40 years CD. This CD contains programme extracts from past & present, FRS 40th Anniversary jingles (recently produced for next Sunday) and a few surprises.
We are looking forward to have your company next Sunday!

73’s, Peter Verbruggen on behalf of the FRS team


 FRS-HOLLAND Programme-Schedule for Sunday November 8th 2020
UTC FRS-Holland’s 40th Anniversary CET
08:52 Opening: IDs/ Theme Tune 09:52
09:02 Bert van Leer 10:02
10:00 Dave Scott 11:00
11:00 Jan van Dijk 12:00
12:00 Mike Taylor 13:00
13:00 Peter Verbruggen 14:00
14:30 End of programmes/ Closing down announcement 15:30

Our 40th anniversary broadcast is th 201nd one! As always FRS-Holland remains “Just a bit different.”

FRS-Holland 40th Anniversary Frequency Schedule
Sunday November 8th 2020
# Frequency UTC CET
01 7700 kHz 08:52- 14:05 / 14:05- 19:23* 09:52- 15:30 / 15:30- 21:00*
02 5790 kHz 08:52- 14:05 / 14:05- 19:23* 09:52- 15:30 / 15:30- 21:00*
03 6160 kHz*** 08:52- 14:05 09:52- 15:30
04 3920 kHz** 15:52- 21:05 16:52- 22:30

* Our full programming will be repeated on our two main frequencies being 7700 & 5790 kHz.
** The 3920  outlet offers best reception in the later afternoon & evening. So best option is to start at 17 CET to ensure good reception.
*** 6160 more or less runs in  parallel with our main 7700 & 5790 services.Only during the first run!


Streaming service




Friday November 13th

17:52-23:30 CET


Sunday November 15th

15:52-21:30 CET


Wednesday November 11th

18:00- 24:00 CET


Saturday November 14th

07:00- 13:00 CET


Sunday November 15th

08:00- 14:00 CET


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