Tecsun presenta su nuevo receptor TU-80 solo para FM

Tecsun presenta su nuevo receptor TU-80 tipo sobremesa solo para FM

Algunas de sus Especificaciones:

For TECSUN TU-80 FM Tuner Enthusiast Pure Broadcast Audio Tuner DSD 64-108MHz w/ BNC Antenna Port

TU-80 is an audiophile-grade pure FM audio tuner specially designed for broadcast audio and music lovers. This unit adopts DSP digital demodulation technology, is equipped with a multi-function display, built-in high-fidelity monitor amp, and large-capacity lithium battery. It can be powered by an external USB power supply and can be operated by a remote controller.

TU-80 uses a BNC antenna socket, which can be connected to various FM dedicated outdoor antennas for audio output of two sets of RCA lines with fixed/adjustable levels.

– TU-80 high-fidelity FM radio tuner is a small tuner designed and manufactured for FM radio audio and music enthusiasts.
– TU-80 high-fidelity FM broadcast tuner is small in size, simple in appearance and easy to operate.
– It is powered by a polymer lithium-ion battery to avoid power noise interference.
– The circuit uses advanced digital signal processing (DSP) chips to obtain the best receiving sensitivity, selectivity, strong interference suppression characteristics and stability.
– The receiving frequency covers 64~108MHz (can be preset), and the tuning step is 0.1MHz/0.01MHz optional, suitable for listening to FM radio in different countries and regions.
– In order to cope with different FM receiving environments, the TU-80 high-fidelity FM broadcast tuner adopts a dual-channel input design on the circuit, which can simultaneously access two sets of antennas in different positions and different forms, which can be selected by users or automatically determined by the system. Choose the best one of the two input signals to receive to ensure that the signal reception is in the best state.
– Real-time display of signal field strength and signal-to-noise ratio, and an intuitive mechanical signal strength indicator.
– Can store 100 radio frequencies.
– TU-80 high-fidelity FM broadcast tuner, with three sets of stereo audio output: headphone (<300N) output, variable-level line output and fixed-level line output. Among them, headphone output and fixed level output can be used at the same time to meet different needs.

Function Introduction:
– TU-80 is a pure FM audio tuner specially designed for broadcast audio and music lovers
– This machine uses DSP digital demodulation technology, with high sensitivity, good selectivity, high fidelity, high resolution, etc.
– Dual signal channel receiving system, which can be connected to two different antennas of AB, which can automatically select the best channel intelligently or manually.
– Using BNC antenna socket, it can be connected to various FM dedicated outdoor antennas for local high-fidelity and long-distance reception (FM DX)
– FM coverage 64-108MHz, preset frequency range
– Two sets of RCA line audio output with fixed/adjustable level
– Built-in high-fidelity monitor amp
– Multi-function display: It can display the working status of radio frequency, electric field intensity, signal-to-noise ratio, battery capacity, etc.
– Built-in large-capacity lithium battery for power supply, to prevent connection interference with the power amplifier, and an external USB power supply
– Product size: 212 x 81 x 330mm/8.3 x 3.2 x 13 inch (WxHxD)

Performance Parameters:
1. Frequency range: 64~108MHz/76~108MHz/87~108MHz/88~108MHz can be set
2. Tuning step: 0.1MHz/0.01MHz
3. Noise limit sensitivity (S/N=30dB): better than 2pV
4. Selectivity: 50dB
5. Signal to noise ratio: 50dB
6. Intermediate frequency: 128kHz
7. FM stereo separation: better than 40dB
8. Headphone output: 4.5Vrms
9. Line output: FIXED output: 3.2V; VARIABLE output: 4V max.
10. Storage frequency: 100
11. Standby current: <100uA
12. Stereo headphone impedance: <300Ω
13. Power supply: DC 3.7V (polymer lithium-ion battery)
14. Charger (please purchase separately): DC 5V2A
15. Physical size: 212 x 81 x 330mm/8.3 x 3.2 x 13 inch (WxHxD) (without antenna, support frame stowed)

Package Included:
– 1 x Set of FM Tuner

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