Radio Emma Toc World Service – Schedule Summary June 2021

Our programme is scheduled to be broadcast on the following stations – details, frequencies & times thus – 

Station:WRMI  – Radio Miami International – covering the Americas (& beyond)
Frequency: 9955kHz Time: Tuesdays 18:00 Eastern Time / 22:00 UTC
Frequency: 9955kHz Time: Wednesdays 20:00 Eastern Time / 00:00 (Thursday) UTC
Frequency: 5950kHz Time: Sundays 21:00 EasternTime / 01:00 (Monday) UTC
Frequency: 5950kHz Time: Tuesdays 18:00 EasternTime / 22:00 UTC
Website: Listen online available via website 

Station: Channel 292 – covering Europe (& beyond)
Frequency: 6070kHz
Time: Saturday 12th June 18:00 UTC & Tuesday 15th June 17:00 UTC
& Sunday 20th June 11:00UTC
Website: Listen online via website 

Station: World FM – covering Tawa, Marahau & Stoke, New Zealand
Frequency: 88.2MHz / 107.6MHz 
Time: Sundays 22:00NZST / 09:00UTC & Thursdays 16:30 NZST / 03:30 UTC 
(alternating with other programmes) 
Website: Listen online available via website 

Station: Scandinavian Weekend Radio – covering Europe (& beyond)
Frequency: 1602kHz 6170kHz 11690kHz 94.9MHz
Time: Saturday 5th June 07:00UTC
Website: Listen online via website 

Happy listening! If you are outside the transmitter coverage areas, why not listen via the broadcasters’ online services. Website details for the above stations are listed above.

If you don’t have access to receivers & aerials you can try using an online SDR receiver – – experience the enjoyment of tuning around shortwave from worldwide locations online.

We are happy to issue eQSLs for reception reports sent to – – & we will gladly include for online reports. If using an online SDR, please give us the SDR location.

If any stations wish to relay our programme a download link is available above. Please advise us of times & dates so we can publicise here in our schedule.

​We are also available as a podcast – hosted by ‘Anchor’ & listed on Spotify & other streaming services. Search for ‘Radio Emma Toc World Service’.



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