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Hello Mi Amigo friends,   Summer is here, time to celebrate and look cool and in a new Radio Mi Amigo T-Shirt!   After last years’ edition completely sold out, we still had many requests for the T-Shirts, and after doing a survey among our listeners, we decided to do a brand new 2021 edition.  

Many of you let us know they’d fancy a version with the legendary radio ship mv Mi Amigo on the front side, while many international friends would like to see a version without the Dutch slogan.   

So thank you for your ideas and support, as we proudly present:    The full international 2021 version of the Radio Mi Amigo T-Shirt, with the ship and logo in bright red the front! The shirts themselves still black, as black looks good on everyone!  

No better way to celebrate the upcoming ‘Summer of Freedom’ than with this proud T-Shirt, featuring the iconic symbol of ‘Free Radio’:  Radio Caroline’s mv Mi Amigo – the radio ship that served the longest of them all, from which Radio Mi Amigo started back in 1974, and after which the station was named!   

The 2021 edition of our T-Shirt is limited and is only available this summer, so be first and order yours while all sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL en XXXL are still in stock.   Order directly from our website  – just click on the  ‘T-Shirts’ link. Same as last year, your T-shirt will be shipped immediately, on the same day we receive your order!  

And while you all look cool this summer, we’ll keep providing you with the best summer soundtrack,  celebrating some new found freedoms and the everlasting spirit of Free Radio!   Best regards / Hartelijke groet,

Lion Keezer

Station manager


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