FRSHolland – Próxima emisión 19 de Diciembre

On Sunday December 19th FRS-Holland will be ringing out 2021 with its tradional Seasonal December broadcast. Programmes will start at 08:52 UTC/ 09:52 CET.
FRS will boast with a tasteful December dinner of music, radio related programme items, November mail, DX-News and including the entries on the question: ‘What would be the greatest gift you could get for Christmas?’. 

Times and frequencies December 19th:
7700// 5800:  08:52- 13:30 UTC/ 09:52- 14:30 CET. There’s a chance one or a few shows will be repeated . 
:  08:52- 13:30 UTC/ 09:52- 14:30 CET.

FRS-HOLLAND Programme-Schedule for Sunday December 19th 2021
UTC TimeProgramme ScheduleCET Time
08:52Station-opening: ID’s & Theme tune09:52
09:02FRS Magazine Peter Verbruggen with the best  music from the past decades.
Inclusing the Day Calendar for December 19th.
Peter will look back at the past year. Also included a flashback to December 1982.
10:00German Show– Jan van Dijk.Jan mainly focuses on…new indie rock and wave music and features a couple of radio items such as ‘Dijk’s DX’.11:00
10:45Dave Scott’s Radiowaves  featuring classic rock, modern progressive rock, radio chat and reminiscences about landbased free radio. And: expect a number of excellent Christmas tracks.11:45
11:30FRS Goes DXmas – Peter Verbruggen with News from around the World & SW news. And a radio diary looking back to some memorable moments in the month of Dcember.12:30
12:00Musical Express– Bert van Leer Music from 70s/80s plus radio related item.13:00
12:45Everything 80s – Mike Taylor plays a fine 80s selection.13:45
13:30Close down14:30
 Streaming serviceDateTime
1  frsonline.ddns.netMonday December 20th    15:00- 19:30 UTC/ 16:00- 20:30 CET 
2frsonline.ddns.netFriday  December 24th15:00- 19:30 UTC/ 16:00- 20:30 CET
3frsonline.ddns.netBoxing Day December 26th15:00- 19:30 UTC/ 16:00- 20:30 CET
4[]Christmas Day December 25th  18:00- 23:00 UTC/ 19:00- 24:00 CET
5[]Monday December 27th11:00- 16:00 UTC/ 12:00- 17:00 CET
6[]Tuesday December 28th17:00- 22:00 UTC/ 18:00- 23:00 CET
7[]Sunday January 2nd08:00- 13:00 UTC/ 09:00- 14:00 CET

73s, Happy Holidays on behalf of the entire FRS Team!



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