FRSHolland – de nuevo en el aire

On Easter Sunday April 17th FRS-Holland will be on air all day with its first 2022 broadcast. Programmes will start at 07:52 UTC/ 09:52 CEST. Another FRS transmission filled with tasty ingredients: great music, radio related items, e-mails, a dve into FRS’ rich history,  lots of DX News and much more.

Times and frequencies: 7700// 5800 and 6185 kHz: 07:52- 12:30 UTC/ 09:52- 14:30 CEST. Mind you: the full programming will be repeated on 7700//5800  in the afternoon starting right after the close down at 12:35 UTC/ 14:35 CEST. During this time of the year propagation conditions between morning and (later) afternoon can be significantly different! 

A few weeks ago (Sunday March 20th) FRS put out a satisfactory one hour test on 7700//5800 in the afternoon between 15- 16 UTC.

No programme schedule this time but expect the full line up of prsenters: Jan van Dijk, Mike Taylor, Bert van Leer, Dave Scott & Peter Verbruggen. We will turn you Sunday into a very enjoyable one. So…make sure you tune in !
Apart from the shortwave broadcasts, we’ll provide a series of Internet streams according to the  following schedule: 

Streaming: Choosing for ‘the best of both worlds’ FRSH goes for broadcasting on short wave in good old AM and digital high quality web streaming.
Listeners can make their choice out of two streams(see below schedule): 

 Streaming serviceDateTime
1frsonline.ddns.netEaster Monday  April 18th16:00- 20:30 UTC/ 18:00- 22:30 CET
2frsonline.ddns.netFriday  April 22nd16:00- 20:30 UTC/ 18:00- 22:30 CET
4[]Thursday April 21st16:00- 21:00 UTC/ 18:00- 23:00 CEST
5[]Saturday April 23rd06:00- 11:00 UTC/ 08:00- 13:00 CEST
6[]Sunday April 24th07:00- 12:00 UTC/ 09:00- 14:00 CEST


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