Feliz Navidad desde la Estación McMurdo en la Antartida.

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Hi, everyone. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and any other holidays you may celebrate!

Things are going well down here (Antarctica), and I’m glad to have worked some of you on the air. I apologize for any weak signals, but there has been a lot of space weather activity recently and the station here is rather modest.

Each year, the residents of McMurdo Station, Antarctica celebrate Christmas by singing Christmas Carols to the remote, Antarctic field camps on the HF radio. This year, we are asking ham radio operators (and shortwave listeners) around the world to listen in and e-mail short wave listening reports telling us how far away the carols are heard. Listen on 7995 kHz USB on 24 December 2014 2300z and e-mail reports to w2naf@arrl.net.

For a Christmas in Antarctica SWL QSL card, please send an SASE to my Blacksburg address. NATHANIEL A FRISSELL, 1412 North Main Street, Blacksburg, VA 24060 United States Special cards will be made for this event.

Please share this information with as many hams and SWLs as possible. It would be really interesting to know how far we are heard. I believe we will be running about 1000 W for this.

Merry Christmas!


Nathaniel, KC4/W2NAF

Fuente/Source:  Weak signal DX challenge: Christmas carols in Antarctica | The SWLing Post.

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