Próximas Emisiones de RADIO CAROLINE NORTH

Radio Caroline North

Radio Caroline North

Radio Caroline North returns this weekend online and on 1368 kHz as we continue to trace the station’s history.

We’ll hear about the final few months offshore and the difficulties the ship went through, culminating in the grounding on the Goodwin Sands and the rescue of the entire crew.

We’ve more great prizes to give away from Tiptree, preserves of distinction, so join us this weekend online and on 1368 KHz courtesy of Manx Radio for Radio Caroline North.

Your emails are always welcome at

Radio Caroline North on AM from the Isle of Man is sponsored by Tiptree, Preserves Of Distinction

Saturday 29th October:

06:00 John Ellery (ON LINE ONLY)
08.30 Chris Williams’ Carnaby Street from Manx Radio 1368khz
10:30 Kevin Turner
13:00 Chris Pearson
15:30 Nick Richards
18:00 Johnny Lewis
21:00 Dave Foster

Sunday 30th October:

00:00 Suzy Wilde
02:00 Note that clocks go back at 2am
02:00 Andrew Austin
06:00 Ray Clark
09:00 Kevin Turner
11:30 Johnny Lewis
14:00 Nick Richards
16:30 Chris Pearson
19:00 Dave Foster
21:00 Close

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