FRS Holland December 30th broadcast

Free Radio Service Holland

Free Radio Service Holland

On Sunday December 30th, FRS-Holland will be traditionally ring out the Old Year with its Seasonal broadcaston 7700//5800 kHz. Programmes will run from 08:52- 14:05 UTC/ 09:52- 15:05 CET.

In addition all prohrammes will be repeated following close down of the first run: 14:05- 19:10 UTC/ 15:05- 20:10 CET. Particularly during the final hours of the second run, conditions will be changing and as a result signals will likely skip large areas. For that reason the final three hours- starting just after 16:00 UC/ 17:00 CET- will go out on an extra 3rd frequency: 3975 kHz.
The complete FRS team will join the party including Dave Scott, Jan van Dijk, Roger Davis, Bert van Leer & Peter Verbruggen. Traditionally it will be a mix of carefully selected rock/pop music and a number of (radio related) programme items as well as mail from November 18th and Seasonal greetings.
We also look back in the comprehensive FRS archives: a flashback to a December broadcast many years ago. And: a new edition of FRS goes DX will be aired  including news from the world of (free) Radio. Just listen out for yourself!!
Important: it can happen that we are forced to change frequency during the broadcast. In such case FRS will publish it on the website. So…if there’s latest news…you will find it on [ –> Latest News].
May we take this opportunity to thank you, the listener for your support over 2018 hoping we may count on you in 2019, being our 39th year as a Free Radio station on short wave. We would like to express the wish that  2019 will become a peaceful, successful and healthy year !  Have a great Season Holiday,  73s from Peter, Jan, Brian, Dave, Roger & Bert


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