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Radio 208

Radio 208

New frequencies

This time we have to start with some very sad news. For a long time (first time was in the spring of 2004 when WMR began broadcasting from Denmark on 5815 and 15810 kHz) WMR – and now also Radio208 – have been allowed to use “out-of-band” frequencies on a non-interference basis by the Danish telecom authorities.  Now this has come to an end.  The Danish telecom authorities has now finally decided that Denmark will not comply with the ITU Radio Regulations article 4 which allows the use of out-of-band frequencies. As all Shortwave listeners know, the use of out-of-band frequencies is very widespread – it is the case for all or most of  the Shortwave stations in the US, for BBC, in Norway, Armenia, Thailand, The Netherlands, France, Germany, India etc. And many of these stations utilise transmitter power of more than 100,000 Watts  while WMR and Radio208 are using only 500 Watts at most.

So WMR and Radio208 are now forced to change frequencies – at a rather short notice. This means that it will no longer be impossible to reach our listeners on Shortwave during evening hours, at night and in the early morning hours due to the crowded 49 meter band.

Today Monday November 30th a license was received from the Danish telecom authorities to use these new frequencies:

5930 kHz – World Music Radio – Bramming – 100W (soon 500W) – daily schedule: 0700-1745 – change from 5840 to 5930 due late December 2020

5970 kHz – Radio208 – Hvidovre – 250W – daily schedule: 0700-1600 – due on air early December 2020

15790 kHz – World Music Radio – Randers – 200W – Saturdays & Sundays 0700-2000 UTC – change from 15805 to 15790 due as of December 12th 2020

No changes for Medium Wave 927 and 1440 kHz

Please help keeping AM radio alive – and WMR and Radio208 on the air 

Listeners of World Music Radio (WMR) and Radio208 are kindly invited to send a donation to cover some of the costs involved with running these two, non-commercial radio stations. The running costs includes music royalties (450 euro per month) and electricity costs for the four AM-transmitters. Funds are also needed for setting up the aerial for the 927 kHz transmitter in Hvidovre, Copenhagen.

All amounts are welcome!!

Please use this link: – or please make a bank transfer to Hartvig Media, Hovedvejen 17, DK 8920 Randers – IBAN DK1093310007162081 – SWIFT KRONDK22 (the bank is Sparekassen Kronjylland, Mariagervej 47, DK 8920 Randers, Denmark)

Please mention, if you want your contribution to be anonymous – please write “anon”.


Thank you all so much for donations to WMR and Radio208 in November J

A big thank you to the many supporters of WMR and Radio208 for sending donations in the past weeks.

 Name and country of contributor Donation
Anonymous 16 euro
Giampiero Bernardini, Italy 25 euro
Jens Agner, Denmark 26 euro
Jørgen Gylling Nielsen, Denmark 20 euro
Kent Johansson, Sweden 25 euro
Marco Ascrizzi, Italy 15 euro
Oluf Høst, Denmark 13 euro
Risto Harjula, Finland 16 euro
Rolf Tannenhauer, Germany 50 euro
Wilfred Bestmann, Germany 10 euro


Transmitter situation

– The work with erecting the aerial for 927 kHz in Hvidovre is continuing.
– The WMR transmitter in Bramming is still running at 100 Watts. It is hoped that the 500 Watts PA can be taking into use at the time when the frequency is changed from 5840 to 5930 kHz
– The 200W WMR transmitter on 15805 from Randers usually runs very well. 15790 from December 12th 2020. Remember though, to use AM mode when listening here. The audio gets distorted if using ECSS/SAM or LSB/USB modes.

– Radio208 on 1440 with 500 Watt from Ishøj is running without problems. Nice reception in good parts of Southern Sweden, northern Germany and the Benelux in the mornings.
– The Radio208 transmitter on 5805 kHz (250 Watts)  in Hvidovre went silent November 22nd. Transmissions on 5805 are not expected to return. Instead 5970 kHz (at 0700-1600 UTC only) is planned to be taking into use within this or next week.

Radio208 t-shirt and WMR mouse pad   

Coming soon is a web shop at and where you will be able to buy t-shirts, mouse pads, mugs etc. Hopefully ready by mid December.


Best 73s and good listening,
Stig Hartvig Nielsen,
World Music Radio / Radio208
Hartvig Media


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