FRSHolland – En el aire el próximo 7 de Noviembre

On Sunday November 7th , the Free Radio Service Holland will again hit the airwaves. This autumn broadcast will feature our full programming: no less than 5 hours of Sunday free radio entertainment. 

Programmes will commence at 08:52 UTC/ 09:52 CET and close down will be just after 14:05 UTC/ 15:05 CET. Programmes will be aired on 7700//5800 kHz as well as on 6185 kHz. Please note that the 5800 kHz frequency can be altered a bit up or downwards. 

Catch us on Sunday November 7th….the best in music, many interesting (radio) related items, e-mails and letters will be read out from last August (29th), flashbacks to our 10th anniversary back in October 1990. And: our programming will include a lengthy (45 minute!) edition of ‘FRS goes DX‘ packed with news & background infos from around the world and the shortwave free radio scene.
Jan, Dave, Bert, Mike & Peter welcome you and look forward receiving your personal commentscriticism & reception reports: P.O.Box 2702 in 6049 ZG Hertenthe Netherlands  (=excellent hard copy QSL) or by e-mail: . 

FRS-Holland likes to thank each and everyone who sent a letter/ e-mail/ reception report back in August. A tip: payments for hard copy QSLs can also be made via Paypal. Simple, easy & quick! Just use !  
Remember: last minute changes will be published on this very website.  See you next Sunday! 



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