Que escuchar estas navidades en Onda Corta

This is a list of programming on shortwave over the forthcoming holiday period. The programmes listed are not necessarily seasonal. Regular weekly music programming where no special advance programme information has been provided are not included in this list, but please refer to my Music on Shortwave list.

Here is the first edition of this compilation for the 2021 holiday season, and I will issue further updates over the next few days if and when additional information becomes available. (Note that I will retain information about programmes already broadcast prior to the issue dates of later updates for reference purposes and for listeners who perhaps have made IQ recordings for later playback).

Comments are most welcome to alan-roe-swl@randa33.co.uk.

All days/times mentioned are in UTC. All frequencies are in kHz.

With thanks to all sources as mentioned below and to the Broadcasts in English booklet published by the British DX Club, to Glenn Hauser and contributors to the WOR iog mail list, and contributors to the BDXC-UK and NASWA iog mail lists for current frequency information.

Best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Alan Roe, Teddington, UK


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