Shortwave Radiogram, del 6 al 9 de Enero: programa 286

I hope the year 2023 is starting well for you. Here in northern Virginia, we could use some rain, or snow, or anything wet.

A  reminder about recent Shortwave Radiogram schedule adjustments:

1) The new Friday 0530-0600 UTC on 7780 kHz does exist, even though it’s not easy to hear most places. The beam from WRMI is 222° – Central America – so reports from that part of the world would be appreciated.
2) The Sunday 2330 UTC broadcast has moved to Saturday 2300-2330 UTC, on the same frequency: 7570 kHz from WRMI Florida. Listeners in Europe will probably hear Voice of Korea (North Korea) (and maybe also jamming) instead of WRMI.
3) The Mighty KBC has moved from Sunday 0000-0200 UTC to Sunday 2200-2400 UTC, now on 5950 kHz from WRMI Florida. A minute of MFSK64 is at 2330 UTC. Reception was best last week in the northeast USA and eastern Canada, and the signal reached as far as Europe.
4) The Tuesday 1530-1600 UTC broadcast on 9955 kHz is no more.

Videos of last weekend’s Shortwave Radiogram (program 285)  are provided by Darau Blė in Lithuania and  Scott in Ontario (both Friday 1300 UTC). The audio archive is maintained by Mark in the UK. Analysis is prepared by Roger in Germany.

Here is the lineup for Shortwave Radiogram, program 286, 6-9 January 2023, in MFSK modes as noted:

1:35  MFSK32: Program preview
2:41  MFSK32: HAARP signals sent to nearby asteroid
7:56  MFSK64: Why healthy ecosystems need rodents*
14:48  MFSK64: This week’s images*
28:29  MFSK32: Closing announcements

* with image(s)

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Twitter: @SWRadiogram or (visit during the weekend to see listeners’ results)

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Shortwave Radiogram Gateway Wiki

Shortwave Radiogram Transmission Schedule

| UTC Day  | UTC Time      | Frequency        | Transmitter       |
| Friday   | 0030-0100 UTC | 9265 kHz         | WINB Pennsylvania |
| Friday   | 0530-0600 UTC | 7780 kHz         | WRMI Florida      |
| Friday   | 1300-1330 UTC | 15770 kHz        | WRMI Florida      |
| Friday   | 1500-1530 UTC | 15755 kHz DRM    | WINB Pennsylvania |
| Saturday | 0330-0400 UTC | 9265 kHz         | WINB Pennsylvania |
| Saturday | 2300-2330 UTC | 7570 kHz         | WRMI Florida      | 
| Monday   | 0800-0830 UTC | 5850 kHz         | WRMI Florida      |

The Mighty KBC transmits to Sundays at 2200-2400 UTC (5-7 pm EST) on 5950 kHz from WRMI Florida. A minute of MFSK64 is at about 2330 UTC.  Reports to Eric: . See also and

“This is a Music Show” Most of the show is a music show, but the host transmits some MFSK-64 text and image near the end of the broadcast.  It’s transmitted on WRMI, Thursdays at 0200-0300 UTC on 5850 kHz (Wednesday evening in the Americas). Also look for a waterfall ID at the beginning of the show.    @ThisIsAMusicSho

Pop Shop Radio from British Columbia, Canada, includes “a whole variety of pop music, such as records from the 1960s and 1970s that were played on Top-40 radio stations not only in North America but also on offshore radio and stations like Radio Luxembourg.” The programs now include some MFSK text and an image. Website: Twitter: @popshopradio1  Email:

Thanks for your reception reports!


Kim Andrew Elliott, KD9XB

Producer and Presenter

Shortwave Radiogram




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